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tile stores ottawaBeing the capital of Canada, Ottawa has always exuded a certain air of dignity and class. A city steeped in history, hosting the country's most prominent politicians and lawmakers, it's easy to envision homes bathed in opulence and luxury that you may wish to incorporate into your style as well. Although marble is not the cheapest stone tile, it is guaranteed to last a very long time and to add great value to your home. As the old saying goes, sometimes a little can be a lot, and this rings true for marble. You can go big with this luxurious stone or strategically place it for optimum results on a smaller budget. Having a plan in mind for how you wish to add marble tiles to your dwelling is a great place to start the process.
Since this room is one of the most highly used areas in the home, many people choose to install their stone here in order to showcase it in the most prestigious light. A number of homes use marble for their counter tops which makes a beautiful backdrop to prepare meals on or to sit and have coffee with a friend over. As marble can be susceptible to damage if improperly cared for, it is important to have a polish handy to seal your stone from stains as well as coasters and place mats to keep from leaving heat marks from hot dishes. If you are on a budget why not consider adding marble tiles as a backdrop behind your sink or stove? This adds a hint of class to your room without breaking the bank.
Adding marble to the bathroom is a trend that is becoming very popular these days. Many people have installed marble bathtubs over the years, leading to an increased use of the stone throughout the whole room. Marble tiles make an excellent addition to walls and look especially gorgeous lining the shower as the water cascades down over them. A popular design is the focal wall, where one direction of the room is done entirely in tile while the rest are painted a complimentary colour to suit the stone perfectly, drawing the eye to the luxurious decor and away from the plain old paint.
One of the most predominant methods of using marble in the home is on the floor. Nothing screams "stately” like the presence of crisp white or deep grey marble tiles as one enters a home. It can also be used outside on a patio or directly on the ground to add a look of class to an outdoor party, needing simply the run of a hose to get it gleaming again. Another benefit for the home is that marble doesn't have pockets which collect household dust and pet hair like carpet or wood can, creating a more hypoallergenic environment to breathe in.
All in all, marble tiles are an excellent choice for your Ottawa home and homes around the world. Begin your search today for the best home décor investment that you will ever make.